Income Tax 2021 – Revenue releases consultation on the 2nd batch


Let's know everything about the second batch of Income Tax 2021, let's understand how the whole process will work. If you are a taxpayer, whether an individual or a legal entity, it is worth following this article to resolve all your doubts related to the second batch.

The Federal Revenue, informed that it is already released from the 23rd of June, the second batch for people who have tax to be refunded, that is, for people with refund of the Tax related to 2021. Already on the 30th of June, it is possible to start receiving the refund.


For the 2021 income tax, the refund credit, will now be available to more than 4 million taxpayers, totaling more than 6 billion reais. It's worth remembering that never in history, Income Tax had as much refund as in the year 2021. It really is a lot of people!

Income Tax 2021
Image: (Google) Income Tax 2021

Income Tax Refund 2021

Another important piece of information is that seniors over 80 years old, have priority in the order in which they receive the 2021 Income Tax refund, there are more than 97,000 taxpayers, in the case of taxpayers from 60 to 79 years old, there are more than 77,0000 people.

There is also a legal priority for people who have some type of disability, whether mental or physical, or any illness that is considered serious, in these cases there are more than 38,500 people, who, in general, have their source of income through teaching .

In order to know the order of receipt, the taxpayer can consult directly on the website of the Federal Revenue Service, by simply clicking on the option "my income tax", and then clicking on "consult refund". It is also possible to make the query through the "my income tax" application.

2021 income tax pending

If the user has any type of pendency, or even any impediment to receiving his refund, it is also possible to consult through the website mentioned above, the platform is very fast, and in a few clicks it is possible to consult all pending issues related to the taxpayer's CPF and that relate to the impediment of refunding the tax.

If the taxpayer is included in the fine mesh, or still has more pending issues, or inconsistencies, it is necessary to send a new declaration, that is, the rectifying declaration, and thus wait for the refund in the next batches. It is worth taking special care when making the declaration.

It is worth remembering that the deadline for submitting declarations was extended especially in 2021 due to the pandemic, this deadline was extended to May 31, therefore, it is necessary to understand when your declaration was submitted, to know when will receive the refund.

How to receive the refund

If the taxpayer has tax receivable, this amount will be deposited directly into your bank account, which was naturally informed in your income tax return for the year 2021, if the amount is not credited to your account, it is possible that you seek a Banco do Brasil branch for direct withdrawal.

For these cases, the taxpayer will be able to quickly reschedule the credit of their amounts through the BB portal, or even by making a telephone call to the Banco do Brasil central, (4640001) in the case of the capitals, or even (0800-7290001) for other cities, there is also an option for the hearing impaired in these services.

For this very reason, the tip is always to take care when making your income tax return, in order to be able to receive the refund in the first batch, or at most in the second batch, you need to be careful when filling in the data and really understanding how every mechanism works through the Federal Revenue software.

Tips when filing your income tax return

  • The first tip is relevant, it is to deliver your statement as soon as possible so that you can already receive the refund on the first batch.
  • The second interesting tip is that you fill in the data very carefully, as this way you avoid rectification, or even greater problems with the Federal Revenue.
  • The third tip is never to invent expenses that do not exist, because if the taxpayer falls into the fine mesh, he will have big problems with the Federal Revenue.
  • And the last tip is to make the return with a professional, in case you can't make your own tax return yourself.

How to make the income tax return

If the user is already used to making his declaration, it will not be necessary to read this last part of the article, but if you want to make your own income tax declaration from this year onwards, you just need to download and install the Federal Revenue software and follow the step-by-step.

If you are not used to working with software, or you still have difficulty in the digital world, the tip is to look for a professional accountant, so that you can make this statement without major problems.

For more information visit our apps category. Good luck!