Bolsa Família 2023: Amount, Registration, Rules and Enrollment


In a few days we will be in the year 2023, and some things still raise questions, including the Bolsa Familia. With the changes in government, it is common to still have doubts about some information on social programs.

Bolsa Família is a program created almost 10 years ago, which helps thousands of Brazilian families. However, to participate in it, it is necessary to follow some rules that many people still do not understand or believe have changed.

That's why we created today's article to help you understand the details, rules, values and how to apply for Bolsa Família. Therefore, if you have questions about these issues, follow the post below.

Bolsa Familia
Bolsa Familia (image taken from Google)

What is the Bolsa Familia program?

The program Bolsa Familia was created in 2003, with the aim of supporting families in poverty and extreme poverty with a monthly amount paid. This value has as main objective to guarantee access to food, education and health.


In recent years with the Bolsonaro government, it has undergone some changes, such as value and especially its name, which became Auxilio Brasil. However, in 2023 it will be called Bolsa Família again and already has some other changes.

The first news has already been confirmed after the approval of the Transition PEC in the Chamber of Deputies. The value is already defined and will have other conditions that can increase the value of the installment.

How much will Bolsa Família be worth in 2023?

One of the biggest questions about the Bolsa Familia it's about value, and the good news is that he should continue with the R$600 tranche next year. Along with this change, there are also some conditions to continue receiving the aid in 2023. See below:

  • In addition to the amount set at R$600, there will be an additional amount of R$150 for each child in the family aged up to 6 years;
  • School attendance of children and adolescents from beneficiary families will be required;
  • Monitoring of family health, with the requirement of vaccines such as, for example, COVID-19.

The amount is paid through a current account, cash deposit, Accounting account, or digital social savings. It's important to remember that the ledger account is only used if you don't have any other accounts.

How to register for the program in 2023?

Those who live in poverty, with a family income per person from R$100.01 to R$200, or extreme poverty, with a family income per person from 0 to R$100.00, who have pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children and young people between 0 and 21 years of age.

To apply, the family must be registered in the Single Registry of the Federal Government and have updated data. Registration for Bolsa Família must be carried out in person at the CRAS closest to your home. 

Through the unit, your data is entered in the Government Portal. If there are changes in the family, such as change of address or death, it is necessary to report this to the CRAS.

Below are the documents required to register for Bolsa Família 2023:

  •  RG and CPF of the family;
  •  Children's vaccination card;
  •  Proof of address;
  •  Workbook of all members;
  • Birth certificate of all members.

How to register online?

The program registration Bolsa Familia it must always be carried out in person, but there is a way to speed up this procedure, which is to pre-register online.

However, it is necessary to comply with the deadline of the Federal Government. To pre-register, just follow the steps below:

  • Access the Cadastro Único website or download the application for free on your cell phone at google play platform or App Store;
  • Enter the requested information and submit.

It is important to emphasize that you have 240 days to complete the procedure or the pre-registration will be cancelled. This speeds up the process, but it is necessary to complete the information in person when you visit a Cras physical unit.

Considerations about Bolsa Família 2023

Participate in the program Bolsa Familia it can help your family or an acquaintance a lot at the end of the month. Therefore, if you need to register, do not forget to look for the Cras unit closest to you, or share the information with someone who needs it.

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