Paulista Invoice – See how to consult and redeem the credits


you already know the São Paulo invoice? Brazil is one of the countries that pays the most tax in the world. That's why it's important that there is a program to recover at least part of that money paid, that's where the Nota Fiscal Paulista comes in.

It is a program run by the City Hall and the State Government of São Paulo to reduce tax evasion and encourage contributions. Many people hear about Nota Fiscal Paulista when the seller asks about the CPF but do not know any details about it.


The consultation and use of credits is free and requires only CPF and password, and the generated credits can help you financially. Therefore, if you want to know how it works, how to redeem your accumulated credits and use the available application, follow this post.

São Paulo invoice
São Paulo invoice (image taken from Google)

What is it and how does it work?

A São Paulo invoice was created in 2007. With it, consumers are encouraged to inform the CPF and request a note from sellers at the time of payment, and they, in turn, are encouraged to make a service note for the product.

Thus, the State's collection increases and consumers receive some advantages in return. Among them, the right to participate in raffles and reduction of up to 20% of ICMS (Tax on Operations relating to the Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services). 

In addition, you as a consumer can still use the credits that are generated when you request the invoice. You can transfer to your checking account, savings, donate to an entity or pay IPVA on your car.

São Paulo Invoice Credits

You can use your credits to pay IPVA or transfer into an account, but you can also compete for prizes. For this, you need to accumulate R$100.00 in invoices. So you receive a numbered electronic ticket and start competing. 

The announcement of the prizes is usually on the 15th of each month on the official website of São Paulo invoice. That's why it's important at the time of purchase to always inform your CPF or CNPJ.

This will cause the company to send the necessary data to the Treasury Department, which will calculate the credit. The credits in your CPF can only be withdrawn twice a year, in April and October. 

It is important to note that a new law passed shortened the redemption period. Before the deadline was 5 years, but from the 17/10/2021th you will have 12 months to use the amount, so it's important to check the credits at least once a year.

How to check and redeem credits?

To redeem your credits or just consult just access the Paulista Invoice System website. There you access the 'New Registrations' option, choose an Individual or legal entity, inform the requested data and that's it

Once you are logged in, right on the home screen you can consult the latest credits released, with details such as the company and the date you purchased it. However, it also has a summary of the amount available for redemption. 

To redeem just access the 'Checking Account' menu and 'Use Credit' button. There you have the options available to use the value in your checking account, savings account or discharge or IPVA deduction, for this you will need:

  • Bank details, agency and account number in the case of account credit, it must be in your name;
  • RENAVAM number of the vehicle you own;

Paulista Invoice Application

The official application of Nota Fiscal Paulista emerged to facilitate the day to day of the consumer. With it you can follow the balance of your credits and their use in detail.

You still have access to a graph with a summary of expenses and request a transfer of the amount to your account. The application was launched by PRODESP in 2017 and already has more than 1 million downloads. 

Its size does not take up much space on your mobile, being 25 MB. You can install both on Android devices from the Google Play Store and on iOS devices from the App Store.

Considerations on the São Paulo Invoice

Programs like São Paulo invoice are important to try to redeem a part of so many taxes on products or services we buy. In addition, it can be a good financial aid, since an extra amount of money, even a little, is always good. 

Go to the website or download the app and register to start using it. For more posts like this visit our Apps category.

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