Stay tuned to find out everything about the ProUni, Fies 2021 and Sisu schedule


The MEC (Ministry of Education), released its forecast for the dates of the "University for All" program, the famous "ProUni", also for Sisu (unified selection system), and also for FIES (student financing), all them for the second half of this year.

If you want to know information about the Fies 2021, Sisu or ProUni, stay tuned to this article, as we are going to show you everything that is new and the possible dates for each of these options, you really need to be attentive and write down the dates well so as not to miss any opportunity.


This is certainly one of the most sought after and awaited by students from all over Brazil, as there is nothing better than a helping hand from the government to finance studies, bearing in mind that some courses are really very expensive. MEC announced the date of July 27 to 30, 2021 for the FIES case.

FIES 2021

As for ProUni, the date would be from July 13 to 16, 2021, the program has really helped millions of students throughout Brazil, for this very reason, you need to be aware of the dates, if possible, put a reminder on your cell phone so that you don't forget this very important date.

In the case of Sisu, the date is from the 3rd to the 6th of August, the unified selection system also includes many students, and it really helps a lot, because in this period of life, people are usually focused on studying, and generally cannot a lot of time to work, that's why all the resources that the federal government offers are very welcome.

FIES 2021 Features

The famous Fies has offered very interesting credits for students to be able to properly pay the tuition fees in private colleges, the interest rate may reach zero, however, this depends on the income of the candidate in question. Let's see how it works below:

If the student has a family income of up to three minimum wages, he will be entitled to interest-free student financing, however, if the student has a family income of up to five minimum wages, interest rates may exist and are quite varied.

It is worth remembering that it is necessary to prove this monthly family income, in order to have access to student credit correctly, so as not to have any problems with the government in the future, since everything needs to be right when it comes to proving the documentation.

MEC forecast

  • Registration from July 27 to 30, 2021.
  • The first results and the pre-selected on the 3rd of August.
  • Complementary registrations from August 4th to 6th.
  • The call for the waiting list will take place between the 4th and the 31st of August.
  • In the case of remaining vacancies, the registration period is from September 8 to 10, both for enrolled candidates and for non-registered candidates.
  • Remaining vacancies for the 2nd registration period will run from October 27th to 29th for registered students only.


Prouni has offered several scholarships to a group of students who can afford some tuition fees, reaching up to 50%, however, there are cases in which the scholarship can also be full, that is, the student will not spend anything in relation to tuition fees .

However, to be entitled to a Prouni scholarship, students must meet certain requirements, such as having completed high school in a public school, being a student with a disability, not having any graduation diploma yet and having taken the Enem.

In addition, the student must also not have zeroed the Enem writing test, it is also necessary that the family's gross income is a maximum of one and a half wages in the case of a full scholarship, in the case of income of up to three wages minimum scholarships are 50%, or you still need to be a public school teacher who is working in basic education.

sisu rules

In the case of Sisu, the "unified selection system" uses the score obtained by the student in the Enem, in order to distribute vacancies in public universities. However, due to the pandemic, openings for the first semester ended up opening a little earlier than usual, in this case it was done in March.

For this, students will be able to use Enem exam notes from other years, in the second semester, the forecast for the opening of the selection will be in August, however, the MEC has not yet communicated which Enem dates will be accepted for this selection.

Enrollment for Sisu for the second semester will be from August 3rd to 6th, and the result will be released on August 10th, the period for enrollment is from August 11th to 16th, for enrollment on the waiting list, it is August 10th and 16th. The waiting list results came out on the 18th of August, and finally, the call for the waiting list on the 19th of August. Learn more in our apps category. Good luck!