Check out 5 apps to watch live football on your cell phone


The championship season has started and if you want to see live football on mobile in a practical way and without paying too much for it, this article was made for you! One of the biggest passions of Brazilians, without a doubt, is soccer.

In this article, we will present the five best apps to watch live football on mobile, providing an immersive and exciting experience for fans.

If you are also a fan, or just like to follow the matches from time to time, you know that unfortunately it is not always possible to watch everything from home.

Day-to-day obligations end up preventing fans from watching home games.


Even when you're at home, you can end up missing a match due to the lack of coverage by your broadcaster. Therefore, in today's article, we are going to present you with some options to watch football wherever you are!


Globo is already known to Brazilian fans for holding the majority of broadcasting rights on free-to-air TV. That is, it usually broadcasts a lot of games, but if you couldn't watch a match on TV at home, there is already one more alternative to follow it.Globoplay is one of the best and most popular ways to watch live football on mobile, since the user can watch the entire open TV broadcast wherever he is. All this for free and in a super intuitive application.

Agora se você quer acompanhar jogos que não serão transmitidos na TV aberta, de outro horário ou outro campeonato, é só assinar um dos planos mensais ou anuais da Globoplay!

Assinando o serviço a partir de 19,90 você consegue assistir filmes, séries, novelas e documentários na smart tv, celular ou tablet.


Star+ streaming has been in Brazil for about 2 years now and has been gaining more and more subscribers. With the purchase of FOX by Disney, in addition to the original programs, it still offers content of ESPN channels.

In this way, the streaming has transmissions of different football competitions, and so the user can see live football on mobile and follow the Italian Championship, French Championship and Copa Libertadores.

It is the ideal app for those who also enjoy other sports, as the user You can watch live NBA game streams, fights with ESPN Knock Out, and other sports broadcasts. The Star+ monthly fee is R$32.90 or R$45.90 in the combo with Disney+.

HBO Max:

If you like movies and series and want to watch live football on mobile Practically speaking, the HBO Max app is a great option. Streaming brings together super popular movies like the Harry Potter saga, Spiderman, and Matrix. It also has hit series like Superman & Lois, Peacemaker, Game of Thrones and more.

HBO was exclusively a closed channel a few years ago and therefore much of its content is already known to the public. Over time it has been modernized and is now a complete streaming platform.

The service broadcast Brasileirão games in 2021 and in 2022 HBO Max began showing Campeonato Paulista games. Streaming has the rights to display the competition until 2025. In addition, the platform will broadcast the UEFA Champions League matches live to its users. You can subscribe to the mobile plan from 19.90.


If you're a football fan and use a lot of apps on your cell phone, you've certainly heard of the Onefootball app. It is one of the best known sports apps in stores, because with it you can see live football on mobile without paying anything for it.

In addition to being free, this app is super easy to use and keeps you updated on the world of football in a practical way. It is possible to follow football results from several championships such as Brasileirão series A and series B, CONMEBOL and Libertadores.

In addition, the user can still see live clips, find out about the main transfers in the world of football, news and even the main rumors. You can also watch the most important Bundesliga games wherever you are. 


The Pluto TV app is also very popular among those who like to watch movies, series and open TV programs. It is a complete tool for anyone who wants to watch their favorite content even when away from home.

Through it you have a television and streaming without having to pay for it! You can watch hundreds of TV channels, including live football on mobile, and thousands of movies and series, all on demand and without even having to create an account. 

Confira os Jogos de Hoje : Dia 21 de Setembro


Streaming brings together blockbuster movies, cult classics and popular series, so you'll always find something to watch on Pluto TV. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play and also on the App Store.

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Considerations about apps to watch live football on your cell phone

Be sure to entertain yourself when you want time to pass faster on the bus, train, subway or anywhere else. There are several app options for you to follow what you like the most, so choose one of the featured apps to see live football on mobile and try it ASAP!

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