The World Cup is underway and emotions are running high. We are on our way to the round of 16, some teams have already secured their places.

Some selections have already qualified for the round of 16 after exciting and hard-fought games.

The teams already qualified for the round of 16 are: Netherlands and Senegal in group A, England and United States in group B, Argentina and Poland in group C, France and Australia in group D, Morocco and Croatia in group F, Brazil in group G and Portugal in group H are still waiting for the second places.

See how to watch all of the round of 16 and quarter final matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup using this free app. With it you can follow all the emotions of this great event completely free:


watch the world cup on mobile for free
watch the world cup on mobile for free (image taken from Google)

It mobilizes millions of people around the world to cheer for their country, and even those who are not big football fans like to follow the results. If you want to watch the World Cup in a practical and fast way from your cell phone, you are in the right place!

The 2022 World Cup

On November 20, 2020, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet begins, the World Cup. This year it will be held in Qatar, an Arab country surrounded by beaches and dunes. The capital Doha is also known for its modern architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design.

More than 14 hours of flight separate Brazil from Qatar, and that's why anyone watch the world cup on mobile for free to keep up-to-date with the matches in Brazil, you need a good tool. Therefore, knowing the channels and streams to watch the games in advance is a great idea.

In the topics below, we will present you with a great option to watch the matches, both at home through your smart TV and on the street with your smartphone. For this, you can use TV Globo, on open TV. 

How to watch the world cup on mobile for free?

One of the most practical ways of watch the world cup on mobile for free it is through Globo, as Grupo Globo owns the rights to broadcast the championship on TV and therefore will be present in the World Cup broadcast.

In the Globoplay application, fans will be able to watch the World Cup games that are broadcast by Rede Globo even without being subscribers, they only need a Globo account, which is free.

That way, they can follow Globo's open content from anywhere, whether in traffic, on a sidewalk or public transport. Those who are even more fans and want access to more exclusive content can subscribe to the Globoplay + SporTV live channels package.

Sportv channels on streaming platforms

In addition to Globo's service for watch the world cup on mobile for free, it is important to remember that SporTV channels are also available to customers on other platforms. They are DirecTV Go, Vivo Play, Oi Play, and Claro TV+.

That is, if you want to watch SportTV channels, you can do so by subscribing to Globo or another platform. It has 3 regular channels, they are SporTV, SporTV 2 and SporTV 3. Remember that these channels are paid, so you need to check the final price according to the streaming you prefer.

This year, the three will be dedicated to covering the 2022 World Cup, and will broadcast the 64 games of the championship live and present special programs. Therefore, you will have complete coverage and can follow not only the games in Brazil, but support other teams and players from all over the world.

How will the World Cup matches be broadcast?

Globo confirmed that it will broadcast the games in 4K image quality. That's because it will use the low latency and high speed of 5G, the technology that was implemented in Brazil a few months ago.

This new technology also promises to help make this content more accessible to the population, and thus provide more transmission stability during matches for users. 

That is, in addition to ultra-definite images, viewers can also expect a more stable connection, without outages. Everything for you watch the world cup on mobile for free with more quality.

How to download the Globoplay app to watch the World Cup on your cell phone for free

If you want to download the Globoplay app to watch the World Cup on your cell phone for free, know that it's very quick and easy. You can do this for free, just follow the steps below:

  • In the device settings, check if it is connected to the internet;
  • Go to android app store or iOS and search for the name “Globoplay”;
  • Download the option that appears first in the search results;
  • Open the application, make a free registration and that's it! You can now follow open TV content or subscribe to a monthly plan.

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