The authors

Charlies Rodrigues

One of the creators and administrator of the social networks called Cena Marcante and Hiper Curio. Businessman and Entrepreneur, he joined digital marketing in mid-2014, he has already helped hundreds of people to literally live off the internet working with a blog.

Today charles rodrigues Teaches thousands of people with his course “Monetizing from scratch” Allowing its students to also create their own blogs on the internet.

The idea of having created the “Decorama” site was based on the need to provide everyday tips in a simpler and more practical way through informative articles.

Charlies In addition to dedicating his time to teaching his students how to get their own blogs, he is also dedicated to bringing relevant content to our users with his writing team.

Gau Karue

Creator and administrator of social networks that bear the name of Gau Karue. Full-time editor at Site Decorama, aims to write excellent content relevant to the site's audience.

Gau Karue it also manages its Youtube Channel and also the channels of the Decorama portals.

Bringing a more modern, detailed outfit of everything that is new, to captivate our readers, its creativity goes further, it produces various contents on Plastic Surgery, music, humor and entertainment with great ease.

Singer, songwriter, influencer. Always aiming to bring news and updates in a simpler and lighter way to spend your time on our website.

Gabriel Bezerra

Copywriter and Consultant on the Decorama website. Gabriel Bezerra It takes care of the maintenance of our portal so that everything is always in accordance with the content policies.

Gabriel Bezerra Graduated in English and a voice actor, he aims to take care of all social media on the website, Pinterest, Google and Facebook.