128gb pen drive – What is the best model to buy in 2021?


Who needs one 128gb flash drive? This is an interesting question, as having a pendrive of this size can really be very useful for some types of users, given that a pendrive of this size is very useful for storing a good amount of files.

However, the size is relative, to save videos in 4K resolution, for example, it would not be that big, but to save the vast majority of other files such as photos, for example, programs or things like that, it would be a pendrive gigantic.


One 128gb flash drive, it's another miracle of technology, because not long ago, not even computer hard drives had that much space, however, nowadays everything is decreasing in size and increasing in technology. We live in the wonderful modern era!

128gb flash drive
Image: (Google) 128gb pen drive

Top 128gb pen drive brands

There are a wide range of devices that are available in Brazil, among them the "Sandisk Cruzer Blade" stands out, which has an interesting security, we can add passwords to the pendrive, that way the device is much more secure.

Another interesting pendrive is the "Blaze B21", from the manufacturer "Silicon Power", which has interesting functions such as backup and it is also possible to restore your data in cases of deleting a file by mistake. This model is good for regular users who don't need encrypted security.

It could not fail to appear on our list, one of the most famous pen drives in the world, belonging to the company "Kingston" with its model "Exodia", it has special protection for its cover, and really is one of the most purchased pen drives for over a decade.

Options – 128gb pen drive

  • Sandisk Cruzer Glide: this is a very good pen drive, which values security a lot, as it has an interesting program called "Sandisk Secure Access" that protects all content through passwords. It is worth remembering that it has USB 3.0 technology, but it also works on 2.0 inputs. Its price is more or less r$ 127.
  • Kingston DataTraveler: this model has a very modern design, it is really beautiful, it has a cover that can be easily removed by sliding it, it also has USB 3.0 and also works with other 2.0 ports. It can be found from r$ 137.
  • Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive: this is a very interesting pen drive, which can be found on the market with prices of around r$ 148, it is already dedicated for tablets and cell phones, as it is recognized by the Android system.

Other models

A very interesting model is the “Multilaser” pen drive, called “Diamond”, this device can be purchased for more or less r$ 160, despite its capacity of 128gb, it is very discreet, it has a very modern finish with metallic material and weighs only 10 grams.

Although the device does not have USB 3.0, it has a reading capacity that is really fantastic, being able to read up to 10 MB per second and when in recording mode, it can write up to 3 MB per second. ”Multilaser” is a reference when it comes to a pen drive.

There is another very cool model, called "Kingston Exodia", which can be found on the market for prices close to r$ 213, in terms of USB technology, it beats all its opponents, as it has a USB 3.2 technology, thus transferring files, it happens much faster.

modern flash drives

A device that is well sought after today is the ”Lexar Jumping Drive” which has its price around r$ 234, it is an American device, which weighs only 2.12 grams, in addition to being super light, it is very compact, being only 1.73 cm long, and has a width of only 1.49 cm, and its height is 0.7 cm.

In addition to being modern and super compact, this pen drive is also very technological, as it has USB 3.1 technology, which can read up to 250mb/s. This device from the American "Lexar", has a practically incorruptible security system, and the whole process is done by encryption.

In the case of this pendrive, in addition to encryption with "AES" technology with fantastic "256bits", it has an interesting feature, once your data is deleted they cannot be recovered, that is, for users who value security, this feature is indispensable. 

How to safely buy a flash drive

For those who want a modern and current device like the ones shown in this article, you will need to do a search on the internet, there are several places that sell these devices, it is worth remembering that you must buy them in well-known stores such as Casas Bahias, Ricardo Eletro, Extra, among others , because in this way the delivery is guaranteed, in addition to the guarantee that is offered by them.

Not to mention that it is also possible to pay in installments, being able to pay for your new pendrive in easy installments, there are other sites besides the famous magazines, being possible to buy safely as in MercadoLivre or even through OLX, in these cases it is necessary to buy from well-regarded sellers .

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