Cryptocurrencies – See which ones can appreciate in June


To the cryptocurrencies, suffered significant declines in the month of May, but they can be good options for investors, being one of the main focuses for the month of June. To give you an idea, cryptocurrencies reached a surprising mark, with movements of 2.02 trillion dollars in the month of April alone.

Even with all this volume of movement, the month of May was really atypical, being negative for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, some things happened, such as the obstacle that "China" determined for the use of cryptocurrencies for the purpose of payments in financial institutions.


To the cryptocurrencies were also impacted by the US government, which is now demanding that any movement above 1TP4Q10,000 be shown on the Income Tax, declaring the movements to the federal government. That was really hard news.

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movement of cryptocurrencies

Due to all these embargoes made by the American and Chinese government, bitcoin, which is the main cryptocurrency in the world, had a negative historical mark, with May being the worst month in the last 10 years. That's why even those who work with cryptocurrencies need to be aware of market fluctuations.

Even with all these embargoes, the movements should continue to grow, as pointed out by the expert Aaron Arnold, who points out that cryptocurrencies remain in the “Bull Market”, which means that digital currencies still have upward trends.

The tip is to be aware of all movements in the international market related to cryptocurrencies, as speculation can both increase and devalue assets invested in digital currencies. It is necessary to follow daily all the general news in the world.

 Cryptocurrencies value or not

It is really difficult to pinpoint which digital currencies will appreciate, and which will devalue, and what these indexes would be, however, there are some notes that the market itself can show investors, based on that, the investor can make a good choice.

Arnold, who specializes in digital currencies, shows some factors for investing or not in certain assets, such as: if the currency has an upward trend at the moment, if there is interest in the asset in a heated way, and if the currency has exceeded the call; ”Bitcoin spot volume”.

Another relevant data, when observing the digital currency in question, is to check if it was approved by the United States, as this news is certainly an indication of the growth of a currency, exactly because there are thousands of digital currencies available today.

Key considerations when investing

  • First, get to know the digital currency in question in depth.
  • Next, it is good to know the valuation and devaluation history of the same in the last 12 months.
  • It is also necessary to be aware of the laws, and especially of the markets in the United States, China and Europe, because if the digital currency is released in these markets, it is a good sign that it can appreciate.
  • It is also necessary to check well the brokerage that will be part of, in order not to fall into fraud, in this case it is necessary to do a good search on Google.
  • And finally, it is necessary to be attentive to all financial and geopolitical movements on the planet, because in this way it is possible to understand the movements of the markets, in addition to understanding whether a digital currency can appreciate or devalue.

Is it worth investing in digital currency?

Well, this is a very ambiguous question, as there are investors who have become millionaires by investing in cryptocurrencies, as there are people who have lost thousands or even millions of dollars in virtual currencies. It really takes understanding on the subject.

It is only worth investing in this type of asset if the user has good knowledge in this area, in addition to being available and willing to study these markets on a daily basis, so as not to be caught by surprise, as information is everything in the investment markets.

And finally, this really is an investor's decision, because there is a gap that is difficult to answer, because it is possible to win or lose in any type of investment, perhaps the big difference is the knowledge that the investor has in the area.

How to understand more about investments

This is a good question, as there are several ways to invest in assets today, many of which can be done completely online and completely securely, as mentioned above, investors need to do a brief research to understand which are the best options. .

In addition to cryptocurrencies, for example, there are stocks, investments in real estate, in Startup companies, there is a wide range of options when it comes to investment. The final tip is not to rush, be aware first of all so that you can have good results, whatever the investment you are going to make.

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