Find out how to perform a Renavam query on the board?


How about making your query of Renavam by board? That's right, by consulting the national register of motor vehicles, that is, Renavam, it is possible to make this query, it is worth remembering that the number of this registration, is like the “CPF” of the car, that is, this code identifies each vehicle.

Through the Renavam number, it is possible to access the history of the vehicles, it is possible to access information about thefts, robberies, characteristics of the factory vehicle, or if it has undergone any alteration, this query is very important when purchasing a used vehicle.

Make a query of Renavam by board, it is something very simple nowadays, it is worth remembering that it is also possible to check if there are tax debts related to the vehicle, through the query, we will learn in this article how to query.

query of Renavam by board
Image: (Google) Renavam query by board

Consultation of Renavam by the board – Characteristics

The Renavam code, has 11 numbers, which identify vehicles that have been manufactured since 2013, formerly the code had only nine numbers. It is worth remembering that this change was only made because the probability of combinations was reaching its maximum ceiling.


The code always starts with two digits "zero", accompanied by "nine" other digits, which generally show where the vehicle was registered, if the Renavam number starts with the number 60, it is because it has already been registered in the national modality.

It is worth remembering that even if there is a change of federation, that is, a vehicle from Minas Gerais is sold to the state of São Paulo, the number does not change, as it cannot be changed or transferred. You have to be attentive to the details so as not to miss anything.

How to query Renavam by sign

There are some ways to make the Renavam query, we can do it through the website of the State Detran, where your vehicle was registered, or through a dispatcher that is duly accredited, everything is very quick and simple to do.

If you want to carry out the consultation via the internet, you must enter the website of the Detran of your state, that is, where the vehicle was duly registered, usually the website is the same for the entire national territory, changing only the abbreviation of the state. Beware of sites that are not official.

Once you have properly accessed your state's Detran website, you must have the Renavam code in hand, so you can know the vehicle's entire history; whether there are debts or fines, or any other necessary information you need to know about the vehicle.

How to consult Renavam in São Paulo

In addition to being able to consult the Renavam through the Detran, the owner has the option of consulting through a dispatcher who is duly accredited, it is possible to do everything online, through the "Despachante Dok" platform, everything quickly, easily and completely free.

To make the query through this platform, it is necessary to enter the official website of the platform and fill in all the data that are requested regarding the vehicle or even just the Renavam number, and also your email that is active and working,

It is worth remembering that it is necessary to check that your e-mail is duly active, that you have the correct password and login, because all data relating to Renavam entered will be sent through your e-mail. Also check your junk and spam folders.

Advantages of online consultation

  • Avoid queues and agglomerations in times of a pandemic.
  • It saves a lot of time, as everything is very quick, easy and safe to do.
  • For users who are buying or changing vehicles, it is extremely important to have quick access to data via the internet.
  • Through access to official platforms, it is possible to avoid fraud and misunderstandings when buying used vehicles.
  • If you are not aware, it is possible to make the query through the accredited dispatcher online through the platform "Despachante Dok".

How to safely buy a used car

The first big tip, to buy a used car safely, is to actually consult the entire history of the vehicle through the Renavam code, as described in this article, that way you have the official information about the vehicle and you can know every detail of it.

It is worth remembering that there are vehicles that have been transformed, or that have suffered medium or serious damage that altered the structure of the car, such as those that were recovered for resale, in which case the user must check whether the vehicle is a recovered or modified vehicle.

The tip is, never buy cars that have been recovered, because, no matter how well done the vehicle restoration service has been well done, it is usually a vehicle that usually has chronic problems. For more information and current tips, visit our apps category.