Discover how to remove free photo background from mobile


How about knowing how remove free photo background from mobile? That's right! There are numerous applications that successfully perform this task and it really is a lot of fun, as it is possible to create fantastic photos by adding new backgrounds. However, there are other ways to do this.

There are applications that manage to do this even in a realistic way, in some cases pretending to be a real photo, even by people more specialized in the field of photography, in this article we are going to talk more deeply about this tool, but without the use of app.


It's possible remove free photo background from mobile, without installing any applications either, it's worth checking out the tools and the results, let's find out how to remove the background of photos using free online services. Follow our article and learn more.

remove free photo background from mobile
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Remove free photo background from mobile without app

That's right, it is possible to remove the background from photos completely online, it is worth remembering that in the past these resources only existed in large image editing software such as "CorelDRAW" and "Photoshop" for example, but today this has become a very simple task.

There is a wide range of sites that do this task. Some manage to do this masterfully, however, there are others who are not very good at performing this task, which is why it is worth knowing and checking out the best sites in this category.

It is worth remembering that it is always good to edit your own images, because if you make a montage with photos of third parties, you may run the risk of being sued by the same person, considering that the image right also applies to the internet and its media social.

Top websites to remove free photo background from mobile

  • Lunapic: this is one of the most complete sites, which work as an image editing program, on the site it is possible to choose the option to remove the background, however, to have a satisfactory result, the ideal is to send an image with a background totally solid.
  • Remove BG: being used only to remove the background of photos, the site promises to remove any background in just 5 seconds.
  • Online Image Editor: this online image editor is one of those with the simplest interface, but this does not influence its efficiency.
  • Background Burner: this tool is fantastic, because it goes straight to the point, that is, it removes the background very quickly, it is very similar to ”Remove BG”, however it has more settings for editing images.

Other free online services

Another interesting option is ”Photo Scissors”, you can also remove the background of the photos very easily, just upload the image, which automatically eliminates the background on the site, but there is also a screen to edit it, if necessary. need.

In this case, it is necessary to use the "+" sign to mark the areas of the image that need to be kept in the image after removing the background, it works like image editing software, as there is a brush that you can increase or decrease, to make the cut precisely.

After finishing editing, that is, when the image is exactly as you thought, without background and with a professional appearance, the user just has to click on the icon with the design of a floppy disk, to save the image on his computer for free.

adobe spark

This is a market giant, none other than the creator of ”Photoshop” ”Adobe” offers a free online version, which also allows you to remove the background of photos, very easily and quickly. The name of the tool is "remove background" and to use it, just enter the platform's website.

Once on the site, the user just has to import all the content he wants to edit on the platform, then just click on the "remove background" option that is on the right side of the screen, after which the user can choose a new background for his image, among the suggestions that appear.

Being an "Adobe" platform, certainly "Adobe Spark" is one of the best options for those who need a more professional result, considering that it is a platform from a company dedicated to image editing through decades. ”Photoshop”.

clipping magic

This option is very interesting and also free, as it removes the world in a very professional way, it works as a normal photo editor and online. It also offers several possibilities for editing, but its main tool is to remove the background.

To do this, the user just imports the photo he wants to take the background, it is also possible to take a photo that is present in a ”URL”, in this case, just type the address. then, just wait, the platform does the job automatically, it is still possible to make touch-up adjustments to improve the final result.

For more information on free online services, or to find out what's best in the app world, visit our apps category. Good luck!