Discover the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home


Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home? nowadays? We really are living in the modern age, sometimes it seems that we are in the world of the cartoon "The Jacksons"! Never before in human history has technology reached such incredible heights.

15 years ago it would be impossible to imagine that a robot would dust your house! Will robots do all the heavy lifting for humans in the near future? It would be a wonderful thing, as there would only be nice things to do.


Let's find out which is the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home, despite seeming to be an extremely new thing, there are already several brands that have launched their versions of robots that can help people with cleaning. Stay tuned in this article and we will discover all the particularities of this wonderful tool.

which is the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home
Image: (Google) What is the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home

Understanding Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner is Best for Your Home 

Considering that the current market already offers a very varied range of robot vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to understand which are the best, the cheapest, and which functions each model has. But is it really worth buying this product? Is it really useful?

Before buying such a modern toy, it is necessary to understand the main differences between existing models, it is also necessary to know where it will be applied. It is necessary to be aware of these issues in order not to become frustrated with the acquisition of a robot vacuum cleaner.

It is necessary to keep in mind all these particularities, understanding how a robot vacuum cleaner really works. We will show throughout this article the main models that are available on the market and their features. Let's look at the top brands.

Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home – Marcas 

  • Multilaser HO041: this device is fantastic, as it offers a very interesting cost benefit for people looking for a device that can sweep their home and vacuum the floor. Its functions are the main ones that the vast majority of models have, such as; cleaning schedules, anti-fall sensor for steps and balconies. And this is one of the cheapest in the category.
  • Philco PAS01c: this is very similar to the device just described, as it also has the same characteristics as a robot vacuum cleaner. The design is super modern, in addition to the finish being very beautiful. The big differential of this model are the rubberized wheels.
  • WUP-W300: this model stands out for the quality of its programming, as the device has five fantastic types of programming: random cleaning, special cleaning, corners and edges, in addition to self-cleaning and Zig Zag.

Other interesting brands

In view of the great demand for these devices, due to the practically perfect extraordinary launch, there are very interesting options. The "Ropo Glass" robot vacuum cleaner is very interesting, as it has steps in its structure, in addition to an ultra-violet light that serves to sterilize.

One of the best known and perhaps one of the best sellers is the robot vacuum cleaner from "Polishop" the "Housen Keeper Pro" it has a great differential in relation to the others, it has fantastic sensors that are capable of recognizing even impurities that are on the way.

It has some interesting features, such as remote control and programming of the day and time for operation, in addition to having a UV lamp, charging base, virtual wall, polishing kit, in addition to impurity recognition sensors. This robot vacuum cleaner also has a great cost-benefit worth checking out!

Is it worth buying a robot vacuum cleaner

Well, it will depend on the level of cleaning requirements of the user in question, if the person has very high expectations, thinking that he will just turn on the device and that it will leave his house spotless, maybe this equipment is not for you, because it won't do that.

Now if you don't have so many expectations and just want to make the daily tasks of your home or office easier, that is, just use the robot to maintain the cleaning, it can be a good choice, considering that the heavier cleaning will already be performed previously.

For example, imagine that on Friday you did a thorough cleaning of your house manually, on the following days like Saturday and Sunday the robot can be useful to remove small dust and dirt from the floor, but you will still have to clean heaviest weekly.

 How to buy a cleaning robot

For users who want to acquire this wonderful little monster of technology, just look for it in the main stores and magazines on the internet, or even in physical stores. It's good to look in stores that are already known, so you don't have risk at the time of delivery, also to have a better warranty or even an extended warranty.

The tip is to buy in stores like; Casas Bahia, Ricardo Eletro, Magazine Luiza, Extra, Walmart, or even in stores, or sellers at Mercado Livre that have a good score on the platform. have no surprises when the equipment arrives.

For more information about new technology and equipment, as well as key applications, visit our app category. Good luck!