Edict Enem 2021 – Check the new rules


At last, the announcement of the Enem 2021! the ”INEP” ”National Institute of Studies and Research”, published on June 2 in the Official Gazette of the Union, the long-awaited public notice with the respective dates for registration of people with disabilities or still pregnant or lactating.

Both the digital and the printed version will be applied between the 21st and the 28th of November. ”INEP” also guarantees that the questions will be 100% the same for both alternatives. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the calendar and prepare adequately for the exams.


Candidates awaited the announcement Enem 2021, in order to be better prepared, and still have access to the calendar of dates, however, some specialists guarantee that the deadline is short, thus compromising both the safety and the quality of the tests.

Enem 2021
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INEP measures for Enem 2021

It must be remembered that the schedule needs to be very long, which is why "INEP" has established several measures that will be carried out so that the Enem 2021 process takes place without major problems. Despite the pandemic, the government does not want to tarnish Enem's reputation.

Measures related to the use of transport processes and also the storage of exams are foreseen so that everything happens in a suitable and transparent way. Correios also entered into these preparatory measures, thus extending its contract with the printing company that made the tests for the 2020 edition, thus eliminating a new bid.

The major concern of 'INEP', for Enem 2021, is the compromise of safety, in view of the shortened schedule due to the pandemic, however, in addition to safety, it is necessary that the tests have quality for Enem to play its role main purpose of evaluating and accrediting college candidates.

ENEM 2021 enrollment dates and fees

It is necessary to pay attention to the calendar, between June 30th and July 14th, registration must be made using the participant's page. It is worth remembering that the fee to register is r$ 85, in the case of people who were unable or did not request exemption from the registration fee.

The candidate can choose to take the digital version or the traditional printed test, having to inform this at the exact moment of registration. The number of vacancies for this year is 101,100 vacancies offered for the Enem in digital format, however, it is important to emphasize that it is not possible to take the exam at home.

That is, even the digital tests will be applied in very specific places, thus avoiding fraud and not interfering with the suitability of Enem 2021, that is, it is necessary to have security and quality. Everything is well planned, and the expectation is that everything will go well.

Enem information

  • Applications can be made from June 30th, with a deadline of July 14th.
  • For candidates who need a different service, that is, specialized, the deadline is June 30, until July 14 as well.
  • The deadline for payment of registration was stipulated until the 19th of July.
  • The tests will be held between November 21 and 28, 2021.
  • For candidates who request treatment through their social name, the deadline is from July 19th to 23rd.

Important informations

Unlike last year, the Enem in this year's digital version will have special adaptations, thinking about candidates who have a disability, such as, for example, a test with contrast and also expanded, in this case for the visually impaired.

The format remains the same since 2017, that is, the exams will be held respectively on Sundays, and on November 21st the tests that will be applied are: language codes, Human Sciences and their Technologies, all of them with 45 questions.

It is also worth remembering that the writing test will be applied. The Mathematics and Technologies tests, as well as the Natural Sciences and Technologies tests, also had 45 questions each. In this case, the time established for carrying out the tests was interesting.

Pandemic precautions

In the same way as last year, because of all the problems we are experiencing caused by the pandemic, candidates will only be able to take the tests if they comply with all health standards, which is why the use of a mask is mandatory during the entire time of the test.

In addition to the use of masks, there is also a mandatory use of gel alcohol, in this case to sanitize hands. If any candidate fails to comply with the health measures proposed in the announcement, he will be automatically eliminated. Attention to these details!

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