Fine for late child support – See how to charge in the pandemic


Pay fine for arrears of alimony, has been a major concern and the cause of a lot of inconvenience for both the person who pays and the person who receives it, considering that it is necessary to keep appointments and bills, one day they will have a more peaceful life.

That's why it's good not to delay the pension, as it can be subject to a fine, and what was already difficult to pay, becomes even more difficult because of the increase in the fine in question. You need to plan better, that is, have more financial organization to pay your pension on time.


In Brazil pay fine for arrears of alimony, has become something very common in Brazilian families, in view of the major financial crisis we are experiencing as a result of the pandemic. Delays have really increased a lot from 2020 to here.

Fine for arrears of alimony
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How to receive with an increase in the fine for late child support

Complaints are received almost daily: "I'm unemployed and I'm the father, do I really need to pay the alimony?" another recurring question: "how do I collect the child support that is overdue"? My ex partner doesn't help me at all, should I apply for the pension through justice?

Other common questions like: what happens if I don't pay child support? How do I pay child support after the due date? In case of salary reduction, can I reduce the pension? These and other questions are very common among Brazilian families.

Due to the great crisis we are experiencing caused by the current pandemic, there has been a very large increase in the delay and payment of pensions, however, the public defender's office in a lawsuit carried out the execution of many pensions that were not paid, of this way guaranteed the income for the most basic needs of the children.

Is it easy to receive the fine for late child support? 

  • In 2019 alone, there were more than 3227 requests to the public defender regarding alimony claims, and more than 1265 requests for execution of pension collection. In view of these data, it is possible to perceive that realizing these rights is still a great challenge.
  • Thus, even if there is a decision or even an out-of-court agreement in which the transfer of maintenance is agreed, non-compliance with this agreement will result in the collection. Soon after the due date, it is already possible to file an execution, in this way it is necessary that both parties fulfill their duties.
  • It is worth remembering that even in the period of isolation, the debtor can be cited in court regardless of the city or municipal decree that is in force. In this case, the beneficiary who is being harmed or the person in charge must effectively seek the public defender's office, in order to judge their requests.

Jail alimony?

This is a very sought after issue, especially by parents who do not pay child support for futile reasons, that is, they are truly irresponsible, in this case, the public defender explains that if the child support debt is in arrears for at least three months , it is already possible to make a request for civil arrest.

It is worth remembering that due to the current pandemic, closed prisons were completely suspended so that there were no agglomerations, but prisons continue to be decreed. For these cases, house arrest may be decreed or, after the end of isolation, imprisonment in a closed regime may be decreed.

In the case of old debts, they can be executed through attachment, that is, goods will be collected to settle the debt, there is still the possibility of installments made with a discount directly from the payroll, in the case of people who work with a formal contract, in addition to other corrective measures that can be taken.

common cases

Rafaela Oliveira, 30 years old, had to start working at a snack bar delivering snacks, as that was the only way she could manage to support her family in this very difficult period in which we live. In her case, she has not received her pension since January of this year.

Rafaela also argues that the pension request was granted in 2018, and everything was done in a friendly way. Until the beginning, everything was going well, all payments were made on the exact days. However, as of 2019, delays of up to 90 days began, but then it ended up returning to normal. However, the delays happened again, in this case the mother filed a lawsuit in order to normalize her daughter's pension issue.

Unfortunately this is a practically daily routine that happens in Brazil, the second public defender is one of the most common things. It is worth remembering that the pandemic situation does not release pension debtors, because it is precisely at this time that payments must be made on time to maintain the child's basic rights.

Pension review

If the child support payer is in real financial difficulty, there is an option to renegotiate the pension, but the payment cannot be omitted, so as not to harm the beneficiary. It is worth remembering that delays end up bringing legal consequences. And if you complete 90 days of delay, you are liable to arrest.

In the case of a request for a pension review, it is necessary to prove that your income is actually reduced, or even that you are unemployed, in this case it is necessary to file this process and complete all the procedures so that you do not have unpleasant surprises.

Anyway, usually people get married to be happy and start a family, however, many times this marriage is dissolved and unfortunately the children end up suffering a lot from this, the whole process is already well suffered for that very reason it is necessary to pay the alimony on time to avoid further inconvenience for all family members involved. For more information visit our apps category. Good luck!