Unlimited Google Photos is out of date – Here's what to do now


Did you know if the google photos unlimited do you have your days numbered? That's right! This fabulous tool from the giant "Google" is about to disappear from the map! We will understand throughout this article the reasons and details of this action.

It is worth remembering that users with photos stored in this Google service have up to six months to save their material. It is really necessary to stay tuned, because from the first of June of the current year, all the videos and photos that were sent to the cloud will be part of the 15 GB of storage that every Gmail holder has.


That is, if you have content on google photos unlimited, you have just over a month to back up your photos and videos. The photos that already exist on the platform will not be deleted, however, it will no longer be possible to send them to this service, thus having to occupy spaces in ”Google Drive”, for example.

Image; (Google) Unlimited Google Photos

Features of Google Photos Imitated

Remember, that only five years ago, photos were sent in original quality and were counted in your Google account, however, from June 1st, any file sent will be counted in your free 15 GB.

According to the company, about 80% of ordinary users, it would take at least three years to request more space if they continued to enjoy the platform as they currently do. The company says it knows that this is a very important change, which is why they warned well in advance, since November 11, 2020.

To get an idea of the space offered by ”Drive” nowadays, it is necessary to remember that 1GB has the capacity to store more than 1,800 photos, being them in high resolution, for videos it would be about 72 minutes. It really is a lot, isn't it?

Google photos unlimited and the documents that are no longer unlimited

It should be remembered that also from the first of June, any spreadsheet, document, presentations, or even any files, began to occupy storage spaces in users' Google accounts. That's why attention to detail is needed.

According to Google, 4.3 million gigabytes are put into Drive, Gmail, or photos every day. That's why these changes are necessary to ensure a better user experience on the platform. It was already a change expected by users.

Another detail that needs to be noted is that accounts that are not used for two consecutive years will be automatically deactivated, that is, deleted, as the company understands that the user is not interested in or does not need the services of the platform.

Advantages of saving files in the cloud

  • Firstly, it is very practical, fast and super safe.
  • It's always nice to have all your files just a click away wherever you are and on any device.
  • An interesting advantage is that it does not take up space on your physical devices such as cell phones, HDs, pendrives or even notebooks.
  • Real-time folder sharing with anyone who is invited.

Will it still be possible to use the cloud

This is a frequent question from users, especially those who came across the news that "Google unlimited photos" would be extinguished, however, it must be remembered that only this photo service will be extinguished, however, no files will be deleted.

What will happen is that it can be migrated to another service from Google itself, however, services like Google Drive will continue to function normally within the limitations of the free plan, which is 15 GB. Be careful not to be caught by surprise.

That's why you don't need to be afraid, because all the files will be preserved and it is still possible to use the saving services directly in the cloud, considering that this is a really important resource nowadays and used by millions of users all over the world.

How to use Google Drive

To access Google Drive and be able to share content and files, videos, photos and documents over the internet, that is, from Google Drive, the user only needs to have a Google account. Which is super easy to do, just a few clicks to complete the task.

That is, the moment any user creates a "Gmail", naturally he will already be creating his Google account and consequently also has direct access to Google Drive tools for free with a limit of 15GB. It sure is a super powerful tool.

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