Income tax 2021 – How to know if you fell into the fine mesh


Let's understand in this article, details about the Income Tax 2021, before that, it is necessary to remember that this is a tax that is paid to the Federal Government, which is levied on the earnings of both companies and individuals. Unfortunately with very high rates. 

The amount to be paid for Income Tax is defined through your declaration, which must be made by taxpayers and companies, however, our commitments with revenue do not end there, there is the possibility of the declaration falling into the fine mesh .


Therefore, it is important to understand in depth the income tax 2021, because nobody wants to fall into the fine mesh, which is nothing more than when the government finds flaws or lack of coherence in the information that the taxpayer sent through the declaration.

2021 income tax
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Income Tax 2021 - Fine mesh

If the taxpayer has fallen into the fine mesh, it should be noted that refund payments are made through residual batches, that is, after corrections of possible errors, if the taxpayer has more refunds to receive, it is necessary to send the rectifying statement.

An important tip; if the taxpayer does not know how to make his declaration correctly, hire a specialized accountant, to avoid headaches with lion, but if you already have the custom of making the declaration, and have fallen into the fine mesh, you need to know how find this information.

Many people end up filling out their income tax return incorrectly, and often this information is not accepted by the government, precisely because of the inconsistency or inconsistency of the data, which is why it is necessary to learn how to make your return.

2021 Income Tax - Consultation Fine mesh

  • First, to find out if your statement fell into the fine mesh, you need to access the service that is available to assist taxpayers.
  • Then you need to fill in the fields with your CPF, and your password. If this is your first time accessing the platform, you can create your login password.
  • On the first screen, click on "My income tax", then on "DIRPF statement".
  • Now just access the “Processing” option, and then select “Processing extract”.
  • Now just choose the year you want to be consulted.

Data presentation

Once the process described above has been completed, the Federal Revenue will present the status of your income tax return for the year 2021, and it may appear that it is in "processing", or even "in line", or also "with pendencies". You have to pay attention to these details.

Since the first options are the most common, however the last option is a reason to be alert, as it is a sign that your statement is in trouble, if that is your case, it is possible to make corrections, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to correct as quickly as possible to avoid possible entry into the fine mesh.

In this case, entering the fine mesh for reasons of inconsistency can cause headaches for users, such as lower refunds, or paying more taxes, or even paying fines provided for by law. That's why you need to be consistent when throwing the dice.

How to make the decoration of Tax 2021 

For users who are used to making their own returns, the system hasn't changed much compared to last year, just download the 2021 income tax software and enter the data. It is always good to consult a professional if in doubt.

The system is more stable, and it's also very smart, as the calculations are done automatically by simply entering your data, earnings and expenses with dependents and everything is done automatically. Deductions need to be well evaluated.

It is also worth remembering that both individuals and legal entities can donate part of their taxes to social or cultural projects, this option is already present in the software, in the case of culture it is possible to donate up to 6% in the case of individuals, and up to 4% in case of legal entities.

Is it worth paying to make the declaration

The answer can be positive or negative, if the user has no experience with computers or software, or does not have enough knowledge to make the declaration, the tip is to hire an expert to avoid problems with lion.

If the user is familiar with software and the internet, but has not yet made the declaration digitally, the tip is to give a brief study, as everything is very simple to do, just paying attention to the data and entries. It's pretty intuitive too.

For more information about the internet world, visit our apps category. Good luck!