Find out which is the cheapest and most profitable franchise of the moment


If you want to open a franchise, how about knowing the cheapest and most profitable franchise from the moment? That's right, the franchise market in Brazil has been growing overwhelmingly, especially in the last 5 years, so let's understand a little about the best opportunities. See the cheapest and most profitable franchise

There are many cases where opening a franchise correctly is more profitable than opening your own store, considering that all marketing is standardized for all stores, so just follow some rules to have a successful franchise .


That's why you need to know what the cheapest and most profitable franchise of the moment, bearing in mind that this may vary from season to season, for this very reason, we will understand throughout this article which would be the most interesting franchise for that moment, bearing in mind that we are still experiencing an unprecedented financial crisis.

cheapest and most profitable franchise
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See the cheapest and most profitable franchise

This is a very interesting case, because many entrepreneurs do not have large amounts to start a business, which is why it is possible to start a franchise with amounts from r$ 5,000, for example, and the results can be very lucrative.

If you are a born entrepreneur, and want to have your own business, and really have a franchise with low cost to start, microfranchises can be an interesting way out. It is worth remembering that the franchise has been growing a lot, for example, between 2018 and 2019 the growth was 7%, with revenues exceeding 185 million.

It is interesting to remember that the number of stores has also been growing in a very relevant way, there are already more than 200 thousand stores that work with franchising, with more than 2,900 brands working as "franchising", and with the arrival of microfranchises, this modality it just tends to grow.

How to access the cheapest and most profitable franchise of the moment

To gain access to interesting franchises, you need to understand how the market is working, and what values are currently available, there are franchises that can start with an investment of r$ 90,000, but there are also others that you can start your business with r$ 5,000.


That's right, you will spend little money to start your franchise business, and you will have the same benefits as other conventional franchises. Were you curious to know how this system works? We will continue showing throughout this article all the advantages and characteristics of this mode of operation.

Is it worth having a low investment franchise? 

There is a wide range of franchises that can be carried out at low cost and that manage to be profitable, in addition to being able to work flexibly, the so-called "microfranchises" are gaining a very large space among people who want to work on their own.

It is enough to see that franchises grew by 45% in Brazil alone between 2013 and 2016, it is possible to find a very varied niche of microfranchises that are available at this time. A very interesting advantage of microfranchising is total security, as the investor will not need a lot of money to start, and even then he will have the full support of his franchisor.

For this reason, even if you are wanting to have your own business, and you thought about opening a franchise, but you remembered that the whole process is very expensive, it would be very interesting for you to study a little about this topic, microfranchises, which you have already mastered a good share of the market.

How to invest in a microfranchise

  • Microfranchises attract a large number of investors, due to the initial investment being low, something around r$ 5,000, another important detail is that the vast majority of microfranchises are carried out in "Home Office", in this way the system is leaner, and there is no need for investments in infrastructure, employees or fixed and high monthly costs.
  • Before choosing your franchisor, you must remember that the more the brand is known, the better your sales results will be. with creativity and wisdom you can really make a low investment and have very interesting profits.
  • Another great advantage of microfranchising is the support given by the franchisor, it really is very important to have support regarding management, administration and even the legal part. A good franchisor usually has a very well done marketing, where all the audiovisual part is supported by it.

Main microfranchises

The first micro-franchise “HUB in touch”, is a work platform with several technology functions. It is a pioneer when it comes to integrating a hotspot, with a TV signal, and also geolocation in addition to mobile marketing. It takes an initial investment of r$ 5,000, it is possible to have a return of r$ 14,000 within 6 to 12 months.

Another interesting franchise is "Good for Dogs" which is dedicated to making clothes for your pets, the initial investment is r$ 4,000. "Digital SMS" has been revolutionizing the market, as it enables the sending of "sms" digitally, the initial investment is r$ 5,000 and the average revenue is r$ 10,000, and the return period is 6 to 12 months.

And finally, "Modern Alchemy" is a franchise that can be started with r$ 5,000, and it is already well established with more than 30 years of tradition. The company works with metallization, and its initial investment of r$ 2,480, may have a turnover of r$ 2,000 per month, and have its return between 1 to 12 months. For more information visit our apps category. Good luck!