Smart TV vs Chromecast – Which should I choose?


Smart TV vs Chromecast! This is really a very interesting dispute! Which of the two devices offer more advantages? That is, which one has the best cost-benefit ratio, after all we are experiencing a financial crisis never seen in the history of our country and the world.

One thing is a fact, no one can use the TV as it was used in the past, that is, just to watch open channels or closed channels via cable TV. Currently, all users want access to the internet through their TV, whether through "Smart" technology or a "Chromecast".


Who will be the winner of this fight, Smart TV vs Chromecast! In this article, we will analyze in more detail what are the main characteristics of each device, highlighting its strengths and also its weaknesses, so that the reader can make the best choice.

Smart TV vs Chromecast
Image: (Google) Smart TV vs Chromecast

Smart TV vs Chromecast and its particularities

The Chromecast device is a very useful device nowadays, as it can transmit the contents of your cell phone or even your notebook on your TV, thus transforming any TV that has an HDMI and USB input into a Smart TV. It really is a very cool device.

Currently, it is possible to buy a Chromecast for around r$ 300, which is why many users are left with the question whether it is worth buying a TV that is not Smart, but with HDMI and USB input for installing the Chromecast, or if it is better to buy a Smart TV already with all internet resources.

As for Smart TVs, they already come with all the functions related to the internet native to the device itself, which is why a Smart TV has to be more expensive than a conventional TV without the internet function. The tip is to evaluate all the pros and cons of both options.

Smart TV vs Chromecast – which one is better

To help the reader make his decision, we will highlight some negative and positive points for those who want to choose a Smart TV, for example, considering that in the last five years the sale of TVs with internet has grown significantly.

Regarding the price, a Smart TV is usually a little more expensive than conventional TVs, precisely because it is Smart, it is usually possible to find models with the function from r$ 1,500, in which case Google's Chromecast 2 may be more advantageous, because it costs around r$ 300 and can leave any TV that has HDMI and USB inputs with internet access.

It is worth remembering that it is also possible to install Chromecast on one of these older tube TVs, but it must have at least RCA audio and video inputs, so you have to pay at least 30 more r$ to be able to purchase an adapter .

Is Chromecast faster?

This is a good question, because the Chromecast does not contain applications installed directly on it, as it uses the Dongle platform, from this formula the speed increases because the cell phone becomes just a remote control for the Chromecast that is installed on the TV where the applications do not are on the device and yes on the Dongle.

For this very reason, it becomes faster than the TV, as a Smart TV usually has its own operating system, for this very reason, this can cause some slowdowns, precisely because of this the speed and fluidity of navigation in this case of Chromecast it will depend much more on the speed of the internet than on the device in question.

Not to mention the following, searching using a mobile device is much faster and easier than using a Smart TV remote control, for example, even if the control is state-of-the-art and developed for this purpose, in terms of searching. fast Chromecast is unbeatable.

Available resources

  • There are other advantages that Chromecast can bring to users of its technology, such as, for example, mirroring the screen of the notebook or cell phone directly on the TV, without the need for any additional application.
  • The Chromecast can be fully linked to your TV through "Google photos" or "Local Cast" in this way, being able to send all your videos and photos directly from your cell phone to the screen without having to use any cables for this.
  • One of the negative points of Chromecast is that it only works through a cell phone, while Smart TV works completely independently, it is worth remembering that it is also possible to control Smart TV through cell phone, but the way to use it is a little different from Chromecast .

How to Buy a Smart TV or Chromecast

For users who want to take advantage of the advantages offered by Google's Chromecast 2, or have access to the main Smart TVs with the latest technologies at the moment, just search for the equipment on the specialized website or in physical stores.

In the case of Smart TVs, the tip is to look for them in the most famous magazines such as Casas Bahias, Magazine Luiza, Ricardo Eletro Walmart, among others, considering the guarantee and the installment plan is very interesting. In many cases, it can reach 12 interest-free installments

In this case, Chromecast can also be found in the Magazines mentioned above, but many users prefer to buy on MercadoLibre, it is worth remembering that you need to buy from a seller that is well ranked on the platform. For more information visit our apps category. Good luck!