LG 55 TV – Which model to buy in 2021?


The consumer dream of many people is a LG 55 TV, considering its size and the final quality it delivers to the user. It really is a very large TV that, in addition to giving a modern touch to the environment, its image and its functions are really incredible.

In the last decade, televisions have changed their standards a lot, many users end up following the changes and renewing their equipment. To give you an idea, before "LCDs" arrived, a 29-inch TV was considered large.

And at present the LG 55 TV, for example, it is a really giant TV compared to the old 29-inch tube TVs, or even the first ”LCDs” that came out with 32 inches, with each passing year, the sizes of TVs only increase.

LG 55 TV
Image: (Google) TV LG 55

 Is the LG 55 TV the best?

This type of TV has been one of the most sought after by users who want a TV with Smart functions, and with a considerable size. One of the best operating systems ”Webos” which is fully compatible with Amazon Prime, Netflix and Google Play are present in this fantastic TV from LG.


Not to mention that there are other models from LG itself, which have the already famous feature of commanding your TV through your voice, in addition to being able to have a completely wireless connection, the new TVs are really practically dedicated computers. With very interesting functions

It is possible to find a TV with these features, offered by from r$ 2,609, in addition to the simplest TVs, which already have interesting features also available in the premium line, that is, TVs with more quality, but more expensive, for example, the OLED line.

LG 55 TV and other models

  • LG UN731C TV: this is a TV with really incredible features, starting with its resolution, which is Ultra HD 4K. This device also has the fantastic "Smart Web" system in addition to bluetooth and integrated wi-fi.
  • LG Nanocell 81 TV: this TV is considered better than the one shown earlier, because in addition to having a more modern look, the designer is super bold, it gives the impression of being a Premium TV.
  • LG UN7310 TV: this TV has one of the best integrated systems, in addition to wi-fi and Bluetooth too, it has voice command for both Google and Amozon, for example, it still has a more discreet look, but very beautiful. It is possible to buy this model from r$ 3,865.

Other options

When it comes to modern TVs, the LG model called Nanocell Nano 86 is really one of the best options, as the cost-effectiveness is very interesting. You can find this TV from r$ 3915, the designer is really fantastic in addition to the Smart functions, it also has voice command.

Also present in this model is support for the famous assistants from Google and Alexa, in addition to having a fantastic artificial intelligence system called "Thinq AL". beautiful and modern.

Another model that has won a lot of upper class people is the LG OLED CXPSA TV, this TV despite having a higher price and can be found from r$ 7,445, it delivers modern technology in a single device, it is a 4K TV with pure black in addition to operating in the 120hz range.

tv vs projector

What would be the best option today, a 55-inch TV, or a projector that can reach up to 300 inches? That's right, there are users who are preferring to invest in a good projector instead of buying a TV, considering the size of the screen that the projector can reach.

However, to use a projector it is necessary to take some precautions, such as lower lighting in the environment, as well as space to be able to project in order to reach the desired size, it is worth remembering that the projectors also come with Smart features.

There are other users who prefer to buy a conventional 55-inch TV, which in addition to being a good size is still modern and has all the current navigation resources, however, there are users who prefer to have a TV in the living room, and set up a movie theater elsewhere in the house through a full HD or even 4K projector.

Where to buy a TV

First, you need to identify the size of your room and the distance you will be from the TV, because the further away from the TV, the larger your inches should be, the closer you are to the TV, the smaller your inches can be. This tip is very important.

This way, the user will always have a good image resolution, however, when buying a TV, the tip is to look for the best-known magazines such as Ricardo Eletro, Casas Bahia Walmart, Extra, among others, because the product guarantee and the of installments, has really attracted consumers.

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