Which is the best 2-in-1 laptop? Find out which model is best


How about learning to choose what is the best laptop 2 in 1? That's right! Due to the wide variety of models that exist in the market today, it is necessary to understand what your needs are, and which model will best suit your profile, in view of your requirements.

Mainly for students or businessmen who need to present projects at meetings or even facilitate their studies, notebooks are still widely used, given that the vast majority prefer notebooks to tablets, for example.


That's why it's good to know what is the best 2 in 1 laptop, considering that it can be used as a notebook or at other times as a tablet. We will show in this article in a little more detail which would be the best models of this line.

What is the best 2 in 1 laptop
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Find out which is the best 2-in-1 notebook

There is a wide variety of brands and models of 2 in 1 notebooks, precisely because of how easy it is to behave as a notebook or as a tablet. There are models like the fantastic ”Positivo Duo” that cost around r$ 2,000, but the Spin 5 notebook from the Acer brand, can cost more than r$ 10,000.

It is also worth checking out other models such as; ”Samsung”, ”Lenovo” and ”Dell”, as all are currently available in the Brazilian market. It is worth remembering that a little patience is good when searching, because that way you will be able to acquire the best product according to what you can afford.

Another interesting feature is that the vast majority of these devices already come with the famous electronic pen. There are others that ended up having weight as their main feature, to be easier to transport.

What is the best 2-in-1 laptop right now?

  • Positive Duo C464C: this notebook has an 11.6-inch LCD screen, and its maximum resolution is full HD, and it is even possible to use the touch pen. The price arrives in Brazil from r$ 2,159.
  • Samsung chromebook: Samsung's notebook, comes with an LCD screen of approximately 12 inches and has native resolution in full HD, it can be used in tent format, presentation, tablet, or even notebook. It comes equipped with an Intel Celeron 3965Y dual core processor and 4GB of RAM, in addition to 32GB of HD. Its price is r$ 2,899 in Brazil
  • Dell Inspiron 5400: the company has invested in a 14-inch screen with HD resolution, however, the model does not come with the touch interaction pen, nor does it come with the video card. It uses the onboard card. The processor used is a dual core E3, with 4GB of RAM and an internal hard drive of 128GB.
  • Lenovo Ideia Pad Flex: This is one of the most expensive in the category, perhaps because of its configuration, it has 14 inches and has native resolution in full HD, however, the pen is sold separately. It has a very good configuration with an Intel Core i5 processor and a dedicated video card, in addition to coming with 8GB of RAM. The internal space is very interesting, it's 256GB. 

notebook or tablet

For users who need to study, that is, the only use of the device is for studies, and especially for college students, there are other options, considering that for some users the prices charged for 2-in-1 notebooks are a bit high for your standard.

For this reason, if the need was just to study, it is possible to purchase other devices at better prices, such as tablets, or even notebooks, it is worth remembering that you need to do a good research before making the purchase, to acquire exactly what you need.

There are students who even use smartphones, considering the models that have a lot of processing and storage capacity, so even if your budget doesn't support buying a 2-in-1 notebook, it's worth doing a good search for good smartphones , or even tablets that usually have a more attractive price.

How to choose a good laptop or tablet

This rule applies both to 2-in-1 notebooks, notebooks or even tablets, if the user's need is basic, that is, presenting work, presenting projects, designing screens, in short, basic activities that are not as heavy as video and image editing, for example, there are models with interesting cost-effectiveness.

For this, a computer with a Core i3 processor or something similar with the same configuration, having 4 GB of RAM memory, and at least 32 GB of internal HD, will be enough for any student or even businessmen who use equipment for these purposes.

Now if the user is a video producer, image editor, a more robust computer is really needed, needing at least 16GB of RAM and with a Core i5 processor or higher, and an HD above 128 GB, in addition to a dedicated video.

Where to buy

If the user wants to make an investment in a 2-in-1 notebook, or even in a separate notebook or a tablet, the tip is to look for the main magazines and virtual stores in Brazil, such as; Casas Bahias, Ricardo Eletro, Walmart, among others better known.

Because, in this way, you will be able to make a larger installment and purchase your product safely and quickly, still having all the guarantee offered by the manufacturer and the store. what you are buying and also do all the tests before closing the purchase.

For more information about computing, or to find out tips on the best applications of the moment, visit our apps category. Good luck!