Holly and Ivy Starry Extra Quilt

Here are some important tips for those who are starting now and who do not understand how to handle the fabric. When washing your quilt, you may want to use a fabric fastener so that the various fabrics you use will not stain.

If you make the quilt by hand, a good trick is to pull the knots into the batting. When your line is finished, tie a knot close to the fabric with the needle.

Then push the needle in and out of the fabric one more time, pulling it harder for the knot to enter the fabric. Cut without worrying about us out of work.

Do not use stretch fabrics to make your quilt.Muslin is a great choice for back tissue. It comes in larger sizes so you do not have to mend pieces, and it’s 100% cotton. You can dye it to match your design.

You may want to practice with smaller quilts before you start a huge one.It is helpful to have a frame if you are to sew the quilt by hand. It holds the fabric in place and free of wrinkles and folds.

Making a quilt from start to finish, especially at hand, can take a long time. Be willing to spend time to finish it, or pay someone else to finalize it for you.

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and rayon, are more resistant and do not shatter. However, they do not “breathe” and are suffocating when used in blankets. It is best to use cotton for the entire quilt and make appliques and decorations with the synthetic fabrics.If you use dressmaker’s chalk to make markings, test on another fabric before as they can get irreversibly stained.

Take breaks when sewing, especially if sewing by hand. You can hurt your back and hands if you sew too long. You can click the link below and have access to the pattern of the photo.

 Directions Free Pattern➡ Holly and Ivy Starry Extra Quilt

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