Matilda’s Star Quilt

The quilts that are made of retail are lovely to look at, to have and also to make. In past generations, the quilt was one of the first things many young women learned to do this beautiful work. Getting started is really simple and you will develop your creative skill every time you finish a quilt or a towel.

Join pieces of fabric. They can be from other sewing projects and they have left over, old dresses or fabric donated by family members and also friends. Save them for your quilt and patchwork towel.Depending on your taste, the fabrics can all be of a single uniform size or in various sizes and shapes. Think about how the pieces will look like. Try to have at least 6 different prints.

Find a drawing / pattern. Here in this post you will have access to a specific pattern, but on the page there are other patterns that are very beautiful.

The design of the bedspreads uses small or large pieces of fabric to create a collage look for a model of a drawing, varies greatly from pattern to pattern. The pieces usually are not smaller than 5 cm² and can be much larger than this, depending on the design chosen by you. After choosing the mold, cut pieces of fabric that will provide the colors and patterns you need. A good pair of scissors will be of good use here.

Be sure to always leave a seam allowance of 1.25 cm on all sides. If you want 5cm square, cut the squares with 6.25 on both sides. Of course you do not have to use only squares, even because each pattern asks for a different figure. Rectangles and triangles will serve as well.

Mount your drawing on the floor or in a place with plenty of space. It is much easier to organize while it is not sewn. Arrange the pieces in the order you want them. In addition to seeing how the colors stay together you will be able to see what the final work will look like.


Once you set the colors, the fabric and the materials, just start your work, you will look beautiful.

Jellied Lone Star Quilt

Holly and Ivy Starry Extra Quilt