Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

Crochet is one of the most popular types of handicrafts, being very well known for having been used in the past with the production of clothes, quilts, rugs, tablecloths, pillowcases and other accessories and work that can be done with the crochet.

It is a work that comes from many years ago where they were sometimes in their chair doing crochet and being an example of grandparents, where it inspired many of us, because I see many stories in which they end up liking crochet because of their grandparents who crocheted many beautiful things and sometimes even clothes won as a gift.

Today crochet came back with everything as it was before, it was used again and also on catwalks like fashion, but it is not only used in clothes but also in covers of cushions, rugs, brocades, hats, shawls at the end there is many things made of crochet which even surprises me.

I am browsing the internet and I saw an incredible pattern that I fell in love with and of course I came to share with you and I hope you enjoy it and do it too.

About Pattern

This pattern is one of my favorites along with baby clothes. I usually do pattern that does not take long to do but these large patterns of mandalas in the center and other crochet details is perfect and makes it worth it in the end. It is a pattern that takes about 6 months to do, it is intermediate level, nothing that determination does not make you achieve, in the end it is worth it and it is rewarding.

Do it now and get over it, it’s beautiful and fun to make blankets like the one that is doing several pieces in order to unite all of them, I think more interesting than making a whole piece. I am very happy to have this experience and to improve my skills and have fun. So let’s make this blanket as challenging and change the look of your room, prepared. Hook 4,5 mm

Pattern PDF Free → Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket ♥

7 thoughts on “Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

  • 17 de January de 2019 at 00:48


    Round to square THANKS very much l have ß round cenrrw that l want to turn into a square l am glad to say through these squares l am now finishmy project.

  • 17 de January de 2019 at 08:24

    Thank you so much for giving me these lovely patterns and I will start one when I finish my current project.

  • 17 de January de 2019 at 09:18

    Thank u so much they r lovely, From Michele x

  • 17 de January de 2019 at 11:38

    I made one of the Christmas trees and when I showed my friends they all wanted one so they kept me busy and all had early Christmas presents, and they loved them especially with the lights ,l have severe arthritis so l was pleased that it made presents that they really wanted so I didn’t have to go walking around shopping in the cold xx happy new year to you all 😘

  • 27 de June de 2019 at 20:30

    These are very pretty thank you for sharing

  • 5 de September de 2019 at 14:53

    Hi I have a problem downloading Sophie loves Lilla pattern can you help me please. Greetings from my hospital bed in South Africa


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